Security and Cleaning Services

Tariofusion Protection & Cleaning Services was established to meet the increasing needs of the South African business community, as well as international business consortiums seeking to conduct business in the Republic. Since inception, Tariofusion has experienced unprecedented growth and success due to their unique approach to clients‟ needs. Management and employees conduct themselves by the credo: “Challenges are opportunities to create solutions through innovative thinking and flexible concepts.”

Security & Protection

Tariofusion (Pty) Ltd provides a full range of security and protection services across all market segments. Our personnel provide a visible presence, demonstrating a broad range of skills from general guarding to highly specialised security roles.
We provide our officers with customised uniforms reflecting the desired corporate image of each client


Cleaning Services

Over many years of providing solutions to the government sector, we have established an understanding of the associated complexities and unique requirements, including the awareness of confidentiality and profile that is required when servicing some of our country‟s most prestigious government facilities.


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